This is an important feature of our theme, we have included an icon-font for you which is really really awesome (yes, it's also called Font Awesome)! You can place this icons on almost every location of joomla, scroll to the bottom to see how the icons working for you, also watch the really awesome features in the grey panel. More then 360 Icons are available this time, updated continuously. See all Icons here.

  • Icons are retina ready, so they look great devices with stunning high resolution displays
  • Great variaty, see the rich list above, there are icons for every needed possibility
  • The size of the icons always fit to the size of the text


All Font Awesome Icons

How to use

You can use this Shortcodes everywhere in your content, click here to find out more.

{icon | fa-heart color} - display an icon in the main template color Possible options: color or black (changes the color of the icon)

The Icon size is addicted to the font-size so the icon always have the perfect size. Of course, with the shortcode you can display also icons in module titles and many more.